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Pearce, AZ 85625

Pearce, AZ, Cochise Co.
1/2 acre in Sunsites Lot 11
Lot 11, .50 acre Sunsites Sub, Pearce, AZ 85625
Parcel #114-02-244
Item #97130
Auction Date: Not Scheduled
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Lot size: 0.500 acres
Bathrooms: 0.0
Annual Taxes: $ 7.00
Taxes Due: $ 0.00
HOA Fees: $ 0.00

* taxes are estimated based on previous years records. Next years taxes may differ.



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This lot is located a couple of miles from the Shadow Mountain Country Club near the Arizona Sunsites Development in Pearce Arizona. Arizona Sunsites is an attractive community of approximately 1,500 people which includes a Medical Facility, Fire/Rescue Department, Convenience Store, Bank, Several Restaurants, Library, many churches, diverse businesses, along with several other service and social clubs.

Play golf year-round surrounded by spectacular views of rugged mountains!

The parcel is located in Cochise County (named after the famious Apache chief) in the Southeastern Corner of the State of Arizona.Shopping and Services are available in Historic Bisbie (the county seat) approximately 60 miles away. Other nearby communities include Sierra Vista 90 miles away, Douglas 60 miles away, and Willcox 25 miles away. Tucson, a major metropolitan area is about a 2 hour drive. Also in the area is Tombstone, the famous wildwest town preserved with its main street and saloons and the legendary OK Corral. The quaint silver and copper boom town of Bisbee also has great shopping and historic sites including the original Copper Queen Hotel, The Copper Queen pit mine and Brewery Gulch. You can visit Cochise's Stronghold in the Dragoon Mountains which was the base camp and last holdout for The Apache Indians. The Chiricahua Mountains feature camping and hiking in some of the countries most amazing rock formations. The site was considered to be among the most sacred sites to the Chiricahua Apaches. Another interesting local site is Fort Bowie, an American Calvary post from the 1800's.

The area is a high desert grassland with elevations ranging between 3,500 and 6,000 feet. Several dramatic mountain ranges run through the county with the highest peak in the Chiricahua Mountains at an elevation of 9,796 feet. Cochise County is an ecological crossroads, where habitats and species from the Sierra Madre of Mexico, The Rocky Mountains, The Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts all can be found. The abrupt rise of mountains like the Huachucas from the surrounding and grasslands creates 11 sky "islands" harboring rare species and communities of plants and animals. The southeastern part of Arizona is rich in history, natural wonders, birds and native vegetation.

The climate is generally mild with over 300 days of sunshine a year, average summer temperatures are in the 70s and average winter tempertures are in the high 40s. Humidity is very low,yet the warm summer days are frequently cooled by afternoon thundershowers. The land is perfect for ranching, camping, hunting, hiking, as well as off road recreation.

Land ownership opportunities of this quality in the west are rare. Only 42 percent of Cochise County land is available for private ownership. The balance is owned by the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, as well as The State of Arizona. As a property owner in this area you can declare your independence from metropolitan chaos and escape to a quiet, secluded, enriched life for you and your family for generations to come.

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: From the Intersection of Interstate 10 and US 191 (Exit 391 approximately 9 miles west of Willcox) head south on US 191 for approximately 15.6 miles to the intersection with Birch Road. At this point, turn left and head east on Birch Road for approximately .63 miles. At this point there is an intersection with a North/South Running dirt road. Turn left onto dirt road and head north for .9 miles. Turn right onto dirt road and head east for 530'. The northeast corner of the property is on the south side of dirt road.


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