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Jewelry - Citrine

SSilver 1.85ctw Citrine Pear .35ct Garnet Pendant w. Chain 18in
In stock: 1
Buy It Now $ 39.77
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SSilver 1.75ct Citrine Round 8mm Square Top Split Ring
In stock: 1
Buy It Now $ 29.77
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14KY 2.00ctw Citrine Oval w/Wt Topaz Estate Ring
In stock: 1
Buy It Now $ 169.77
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Ssilver/RGP .60ct Citrine Round AAA CZ Rd/Bag Halo Split Ring
In stock: 9
Buy It Now $ 59.77
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18KW 4ctw Citrine Briolette w/.25ctw Dia Rd Dangle Earrings
In stock: 1
Buy It Now $ 699.77
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SSilver 18K De Buman 4.08ct Citrine Ov Cab .73ctw White Zir
In stock: 1
Reserved for auction
SSilver De Buman 16.995 ct Citrine RD Ring As Is!!!!!!!!!!
*** 80% off ***
$649.99 $129.77
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SSilver De Buman 24.53ct Citrine Oval Pendant
In stock: 2
Buy It Now $ 359.77
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18KW Mattina .20ctw Citrine Princess Diamond Heart Ring
In stock: 1
Buy It Now $ 539.77
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