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Jewelry - Ammolite

Ssilver 20x18mm Ammolite Free Form Pendant
Ssilver 20x18mm Ammolite Free Form Pendant
Itemnumber: 180342
This interesting pendant features a 20x18mm free form Ammolite, set into a custom created pendant of solid Sterling Silver weighing approx 5.6 grams with a bail that will fit a 7.5mm chain.Ammolite was born when 70 million years of tectonic pressure created this gemstone from the fossilized shell of prehistoric Ammonites.This rare gem is the most recently discovered gemstone to be granted Gemstone status by The International Commission of Colored Gemstones in 1981. Ammolite was first discovered by the Blackfoot Indians around the Canadian Rocky Mountains and only comes from one operating mine in Alberta, Canada.
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