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5pc Rep. Argentina 1000, 500, 100, 50 ,10 Peso Notes

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This is a 5 piece currency lot from Republica Argentina.This lot features on of each of the 1000, 500, 100, 50 and 10 Pesos paper currency.Each bill reads Banco Central de la Republica Argentina (central bank of Argentina) and each have the potrait of Jose de San Martin.

San Martin (1778-1850) was a general and the prime leader of the southern South Americas independance from Spain.The 1000 Pesos (Mil Pesos) is a grey color with a sailing ship on th back and this particular bill was issued from 1944 till it was withdrawn in 1975.The 500 Peso (Quinientos Peso) is blue and the back is the Argentine Central Bank and this was issued from 1944-1968.The 100 Peso (Cien Pesos) is purple and is a depiction of the Buenos Aires foundation and was issued from 1943-1968.The 50 Peso (Cincuenta Pesos) is green and the back features the Passage of the Andes and was issued from 1943-1968.The 10 Peso (Diez Pesos) is red and features a depiction of the Oath of Independence and was issued from 1936-1965.

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