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FOREST SANCTUARY Oil on Canvas by listed artist Rusty Rust

Itemnumber: 875213

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"Forest Sanctuary" is an oil on canvas painting by listed artist Rusty Rust. The artist has depicted a peaceful cabin nestled in a snow covered forest landscape.

This piece is signed on the face by the artist and dated for 2013. The canvas measures 24" x 36".

D.L. "Rusty" Rust (b. 1932) was born in Erie, Pennsylvania. He began drawing and painting at a very early age. His early work was directly influenced by his grandfather, Emil Rust, as well as fellow artists Gil Elvgren, Bob Toombs, and Norman Rockwell. Rust states that the collective works of all wildlife artists have also influenced his style.

Rust and Norman Rockwell used to correspond regularly. In one letter Rockwell emphasized that Rusty's artwork "is very good indeed."

Rust's paintings hang in the Ringling Museum of the Circus, Sarasota, Florida; the Norman Rockwell Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

He has illustrated books for Valkyrie Press, A.S. Barnes & Co., and World of Yesterday Publications; and has provided illustrations for Reader's Digest and other magazines. His artwork has also appeared on collector's plates, appointment books, wall calendars, porcelain mugs, playing cards and jigsaw puzzles.

Rust's art is a combination of fantasy and reality. He strives for realism is his technique. He then creates elements to encourage the imagination of the viewer. Each of his creations tell a unique story.

Rust paints a variety of subjects including wildlife, landscapes, seascapes, still-life, portraits, glamour, illustrations, pin-ups, fantasy, nudes, as well as portraits of Prominent Persons: Emmett Kelly, Sr., Emmett Kelly, Jr., Merle Evans, Lou Jacobs, Charly Baumann, Norman Rockwell, Molly Rockwell, Irish McCalla, Mamie Van Doren.
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