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El Cazador 8R Shipwreck Silver Dollar Special Genuine/NGC

Itemnumber: 585772

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This is a 1779 Spanish Bust 8 Reales coin that was recovered from the shipwreck of the El Cazador and is certified as Genuine from NGC. The Milled Bust coin is the final type out of five colonial Spanish Silver coins. They were struck at the Bogot,Cuzco, Guatemala, Lima, Mexico, Popayan, Potosi, and Santiago mints between the years 1771 - 1825.The obverse features bust of the reigning King with date below and name circling the bust. The reverse features a crowned sheild flanked by two pillars, with lions, castles, and the three centralized Fleur-de-Lis symbols. From the beginning of the 1500's, early Spanish explorers quickly discovered and claimed riches of silver and gold found throughout Central and South America. During the next three centuries, ships set sail for Spain and elsewhere laden with silver and gold bars and coins.Falling victim to storms , shoals, reefs and pirates, some ships never reached their destinations. This beautiful coin sat on the ocean floor for hundreds of years, and can now be a historical addition to your collection.
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