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Bronze Indo-Sycthian Tetradrachm 35BC - 5 AD

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18 B US


This mini album features a beautiful Bronze Tetradrachm of Azes II from the times of Jesus Christ. This coin is aver 2000 years old. The obverse side of the coin displays Azes II on horseback, and the reverse shows a standing deity. Azes II was the king of Bactria(present day Afghanistan) from 35 B.C. to the year 5 A.D. He was a descendent of Alexander the Great, who brought Greek culture to what is now known as the Middle East. the legends on the obverse side of the coin are written in Greek, and the reverse are in Indian script. The tetradrachm coins were hand-made by ancient artisans by placing a blank silver disk, heated to make it soft, between blocks of iron carved with reverse design. The upper block was then struck hard with a hammer. Coin comes in an educational booklet with a Certificate of Authenticity. Guaranteed Genuine!
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