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SSilver 1622 Atocha 1/2 Reale Treasure Coin Earrings

Itemnumber: 457130

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These sterling silver earrings features a silver 1/2 Reale recast of a Spanish treasure ship coin using GENUINE ATOCHA SILVER from an ingot off the Atocha shipwreck recovered by Mel Fisher in 1980.These earring finished with French hook design and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.
The Atocha was a Spanish treasure ship that sank in 1622, just two days after leaving port.Down with the ship went a fortune in silver and gold bars, emeralds, personal jewelry, along with hundreds of thousands of treasure coins.Spain searched for its ship for 70 years before finally giving up.Not until 1985 was the treasure of the Atocha rediscovered by Mel Fisher and his dedicated team.The find did not come easily -- it was at the expense of 16 years of planning, almost $10 million dollars in equipment, and the lives of three divers.

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