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HEAVEN Acrylic on Canvas by Tadeo Zavaleta

Itemnumber: 127370

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This is an acrylic on canvas painting titled in Spanish "Cielo (Heaven)" by Tadeo Zavaleta. The artist has layered colors and textures to create a canvas that is as colorful as it is complex.

In his art, Zavaleta seeks to emphasize human nature. The human form is evident in almost every piece he produces, this is the height of all emotion and sensitivity. He creates intimate compositions of intertwined lovers and animated musicians, portrayed in vivid colors with expressive brushstrokes. His imagery of lovers speak of passion, harmony and contentment and Zavaleta's musicians seek to harmonize the internal soul with their external music.

The artist has signed this piece on the face and it is verified with an ink stamp which is visible in black light. The canvas measures 24" x 24". The framed dimensions are 30.75"h x 30.75"w. This piece includes a certificate of authenticity.

Tadeo Zavaleta de la Barra (b.1977) is a Peruvian born artist. He is part of an artistic legacy, his father is one of the greatest Peruvian artists and who first introduced him to art. His father told him that the human body represented both the greatest difficulties but at the same time the greatest achievements in art, he pursed figurative art drawing and painting at the young age of seven years old. In his work he is striving to, "Understand the ambiguities of the human nature"

At 18 Tadeo enrolled in the prestigious School of Fine Arts; and was the first student invited to participate in the Quimera 99 exhibit in Mexico, where his art is highly regarded as one of the best from South America.

He is distinguished as being one of the few artists to be accepted to carry his work aboard the Disney Cruise Ships. He has also universally exhibited and collected. His work can be found in the following collections: Peru Culture Minister, Juan Ossio; Alex Yemenidjian: Former MGM CEO and current Tropicana Hotel and Casino president in Las Vegas; Enrique Castel: world famous engineer and Harley-Davidson motorcycle collector; CEO of Carnival Cruise Liners, Micky Arison.
In April 2011, Tadeo's 70" x 70" masterpiece will be unveiled at the Miami Children's Hospital with a ceremony.

Tadeo exhibits regularly a few of these include:
Every year from 1999 he exhibit he's art in Quimera Mexico
Sher Gallery, Aventura, Florida Feb 2011
Gallery 51 Boca Raton, Florida October 2010
Disney Magic Cruise Lines November 2009
Disney Wonder July 2009
Art Treasures Sunrise, Florida Jan. 2009
Gallerie Esteban Santa Fe, New Mexico November 2008
Mira Flores culture of art Lima, Peru June 2008
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