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Half Dollars

65PC 1916-1947 Complete Walking Liberty Half Dollar Set in Dansco
65PC 1916-1947 Complete Walking Liberty Half Dollar Set in Dansco
Itemnumber: 792878
This is a complete 65 piece set of Walking Liberty Half Dollars encased into a Dasco collectors album. The set includes an example of every Wakling Liberty Half Dollar minted from 1916-1947. In 1915 Mint Director Robert W. Woolley invited three noted sculptors-Hermon A. MacNeil, Albin Polasek and Adolph A. Weinman, all of New York City-to prepare designs for the three silver coins, apparently with the intention of awarding a different coin to each artist.For the obverse of A.A. Weinman chose a full-length figure of Liberty striding toward the dawn of a new day, clad in the Stars and Stripes and carrying branches of laurel and oak symbolizing civil and military glory. The reverse depicts a majestic eagle perched on a mountain crag, wings unfolded in a pose suggesting power, with a sapling of mountain pine-symbolic of America-springing from a rift in the rock. These strongly patriotic themes resonated perfectly across a nation then preparing to enter World War I, ironically against the land of Weinmans birth. Weinman placed his initials (AW) directly under the eagles tailfeathers.
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