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Half Dimes

Random Date 1841-1873 Silver Seated Liberty Half Dime -Circ-
Random Date 1841-1873 Silver Seated Liberty Half Dime -Circ-
Itemnumber: 538856
The Seated Liberty/Stars Obverse Half Dimes were minted between 1841-1873 from .900Silver weighing 1.34grams, measures 15.5mm and features a reeded edge. Only the No Stars half dimes (and dimes) of 1837-38 accurately reflect Gobrechts original concept.Liberty is seated on a large rock, holding a staff topped with a Liberty cap. The figure sits alone in the field with only the date below, imparting a cameo, medal-like appearance to the coin.The reverse-essentially the same on all half dimes from 1837 to 1859-features the denomination HALF DIME encircled by a laurel wreath, in turn surrounded by UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
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