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Art - Rebecca Hardin

SUMMER BIKE RIDE Oil on Canvas by Listed Artist Rebecca Hardin
SUMMER BIKE RIDE Oil on Canvas by Listed Artist Rebecca Hardin
Itemnumber: 886412
This is an original oil on canvas by Listed Artist Rebecca Hardin. It features several bicyclists on a Summer Bike Ride. The artist has signed this piece on the face of the canvas in the lower left. The canvas measures approximately 18"h x 24"w Rebecca Hardin is an American artist most well known for her luscious manner of impressionism . The artist is concerned with the play between dark and light within a dynamic composition. Hardin is in several private collections, she was specially commissioned to paint a portrait of "Rose Kennedy", the matriarch of the Kennedy family which began her series, "Important Woman of the Twentieth Century.". This piece hung in the United Nations and is now part of the permanent collection of the Kennedy Family Library. This series also includes portraits of Princess Diana and her two children, William and Harry. "Mother Theresa" and "Aung Sun Suu Kyi," are future subjects for the series. Hardin has shown her artwork worldwide and enjoys a strong following in Japan, where she is viewed as one of the best artists of the century.
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