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Art - Alexander Antanenka

WINTER SAILING Acrylic on Canvas by Alexander Antanenka
WINTER SAILING Acrylic on Canvas by Alexander Antanenka
Itemnumber: 214218
This is an acrylic on canvas painting titled "WINTER SAILING" by noted artist Alexander Antanenka. This is a thickly painted canvas completed in perfect Antanenka Style! This piece has been signed on the lower right. The canvas measures 30"h x 40"w and the framed dimensions are approximately 33" X 43" Antananka has thickly painted this piece using his own style of Electric Impressionism. Like traditional impressionists Antanenka seeks to show the time of day and atmosphere through color. His individuality as an artist lays in using bold and bright colors to convey rather than the traditional pastel shades. Alexander Antanenka (b. 1951) born in the Soviet Union in the city of Brest. He attended Art Academy in Leningrad, (Saint Petersburg) where he graduated at the top of his class in 1978. After the Chernobyl disaster claimed both his parents’ lives, he left everything and moved with his family to Magadan/Siberia. This country was home to various Russian artists, writers, poets, and politicians whose works and ideas were not of Soviet exactness and were forbidden by the KGB to exhibit in this country. Back to Minsk, Belarus, he was finally able to show his work in Magadan (1990), Vladavostok (1992), Khabarovsk (1993), Minsk and Brest (1996), Moscow at the Kremlin (1997), and Saint Petersburg (1998). His work is held in numerous collections worldwide including Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Holland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Poland, Russia and the USA.
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