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THE MOUNTAINEER Antique Engraving by listed artist P F Poole
THE MOUNTAINEER Antique Engraving by listed artist P F Poole
Itemnumber: 672764
This is an antique 19th century steel engraving after the original work by listed artist Paul Falconer Poole (1807-1879) titled "The Mountaineer". The print illustrates a mother carrying her smiling child on her back while stepping barefoot through a mountain stream. This engraving was printed and published by D. Appleton and Company, New York in 1883. The paper dimensions are 10"h x 14.5"w. Although predominantly self taught, Paul Falconer Poole earned a high position among British artists. He exhibited his first work in the Royal Academy at the age of twenty-five. Poole was elected an associate of the Royal Academy in 1846 and made an academician in 1861.
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