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New England Clock Co. German 8 Day Time & Strike Steeple Clock c.1960s

Itemnumber: 800318

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Here we have a Vintage 1960s New England Clock Co. 8 Day time and stike Steeple Clock. This clock is Key Wind Key Set with an 8 Day Balance Wheel, Spring Driven German Movement by Franz Hermle. The original paper face features black roman numerals with lines for minute markers & black Louis XIV hands. The clock measures approx. 22 inches high x 11 3/4 inches wide x 5 3/4 inches deep. There are various minor scuffs and scratches to the case as well as a small chip under the left side of the top lip. The overall condition is great. The New England Clock Company has roots dating back to around 1835 when Jonathan Clark Brown and a bunch of investors started up a business named the Forestville Manufacturing Company in Forestville, Connecticut. Forestville Manufacturing went bankrupt about 25 years later and Eliha Nils Welch, one of the debtors, absorbed it by default. For 10 years, he ran a tight ship and the company prospered. It was renamed the E. N. Welch Manufacturing Company in 1864. As part of their manufacturing process, they used a local foundry just down the road in order to produce castings. The foundry owners son, William E. Sessions, took an interest in horology and bought the controlling stock in the E. N. Welch Company. The Company moved three times before ending up in Farmington, CT. Old Bill Sessions was no longer around and the company was absorbed by a group of investors left-over from International Silver Company in the 1980s. Their modern, one story plant produced traditional and transitional styles as well as historical reproductions of the past. Although fitted with German mechanical movements, the clocks were entirely made in the USA. Around the year 2000, The New England Clock Company ended up like all of the other clock companies that formed its history.
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