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Serigraph by listed artist Theodore Jeremenko

Itemnumber: 780665

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This is a original serigraph on heavy Arches paper by listed artist Theodore Jeremenko. Titled Steeple executed in 1984 and is from the artist proof limited edition of 10. Signed and numbered in pencil by the artist. The full sheet measures 18 by 22 inches. Comes Unframed. ABOUT THE ARTIST: Ted Jeremenko was born in Yugoslavia in 1938, and he and his family moved to Philadelphia in 1950. A thwarted architect who was following a successful career in business, he began pursuing his life-long interests in both art and architecture in 1971, after a trip to East Hampton, New York. The silkscreens of Ted Jeremenko combine Old World sensibilities with nostalgic interest in early American architecture to create a fresh, unique idiom. The architecture of eastern Long Island gave Jeremenko the inspiration to paint imaginary villagescapes that exist out of time and are removed from specific place. Jeremenko's style is influenced by the tradition of American folk art yet is transformed into contemporary motifs. His goal is to create images that have a dreamlike quality that celebrates the idealization of simple values yet has a haunting, lingering presence.

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