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Sony 31 Day Wall Pendulum Clock

Sony 31 Day Wall Pendulum Clock

Itemnumber: 764682

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$ 148.50


This dark wooden clock is a Sony 31 Day Wall Clock with Pendulum and Key.The movement is encased into the large glass panel and features a golden round dial that is signed Sony 31 Day featuring large black Roman numeral hour markers, black spade hands and a golden bezel that measures 8inches in diameter.The 6.5inch golden pendulum hangs from behind the dial in the glass panel.The front panel features a window for the movement and three cylinder glass panels accented by golden etching.The large case features column scrollwork that runs along the front panel and a royal lion motif at the top of the clock.The clock measures 28inches tall by 12.25inches long and 4.75inches wide.The clock is in good condition with a little age showing on the front columns and scratching condensed mostly to the bottom area.
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