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1885-CC Silver GSA UNC Morgan Dollar

1885-CC Silver GSA UNC Morgan Dollar

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This is a rare 1885 CC (Carson City) Uncirculated GSA Morgan silver dollar. The 1885-CC has a very limited mintage of only 238,000, making this coin the 7th rarest GSA known to date. These true heirlooms were issued a century ago from an historic U.S. Mint no longer in existence weighing 26grams and measuring 38mm in diameter and were made from Silver on the Comstock Lode.In the year 1884 there were 228,000 struck from the Carson City mint making this the most sought after Morgan ever made.In 1972 Richard Nixon released these precious coins to collectors of our nation from a treasury vault.The Morgan Silver Dollar, now one of the most popular coins for U.S. collectors, was first minted in 1878 when silver mine owners lobbied the government to re-issue silver dollars - the mintage of which had been halted in 1873.To comply with the Bland-Allison Act, the U.S. Mint engaged a young designer, George T. Morgan, to design and engrave a new silver dollar.
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