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Auctioneers: Phil
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Auction for December 21, 2014
Showing Lots 200A - 214A
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Lot: 200A

SSilver Twist Hoop 25mm Earrings

Lot: 200B

Silver 35mm Hoop Hinge Earrings

Lot: 200C

SSilver Fancy Shape Hinged Hoop Earrings

Lot: 201

SSilver/Rhodium Diamond Cut Rope Chain 3.3mm 20inch

Lot: 202

SSilver/Rhodium Diamond Cut Rope Chain 4.7mm 24inch

Lot: 203

SSilver/Rhodium Diamond Cut Rope Chain 3.3mm 24inch

Lot: 204

SSilver Diamond Cut Rope 20in Necklace (4.7mm)

Lot: 205

SSilver/ Rhodium White/ Black Round Cut Spinel Pave Mens Ring

Lot: 206

2.14ct Tanzanite Cushion Loose 7x6mm

Lot: 207A

Standish Swiss 12s 6j Ornate Dial Open Face

Lot: 207B

10ky .50ctw Diamond Rd Bypass Pendant

Lot: 207C

Victorian Gold Filled Ornate Book Mark Chain

Lot: 208A

1.5ct Avg Trios of Trillion Loose Tanzanite Parcels 4.5-5.5mm

Lot: 208B

SSilver Sajen Blue Opalescent Pear Pendant

Lot: 208C

1ctw Mixed Sapphire Oval Loose Parcel 4x3mm $200 EAV

Lot: 209

10KY .90ct Tanzanite Oval Swirl Ring

Lot: 210

14KY 1.80ct Fine Golden Sapphire .50ctw Diamond Ring

Lot: 211A

SSilver Turquoise & Coral Chip Inlay End of the Trail Belt Buckle

Lot: 211B

Ssilver Native American Naturally Shaped Bezel Set Turquoise Mens Ring

Lot: 211C

SSilver Turquoise Cobblestone Inlay Pendant

Lot: 212

SSilver 1400ctw Genuine American Turquoise Necklace 20.5 inches

Lot: 213A

1899 18s 15j GF Elgin Open Face Pocket Watch

Lot: 213B

14KW Gilson Opal Square .06ctw Diamond Ring

Lot: 213C

10KW 1.60ct Blue Topaz Diamond V shaped Necklace

Lot: 214A

GF Estate Shell Cameo Dangling Leaf Necklace
* Please note: All information in this catalog is believed true and correct. However we cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions. Announcements from the block (the auctioneer) take precedence over any other announcement printed or otherwise. Although we try our best to ensure the accuracy of the images displayed on this catalog they should not be considered as official. Please watch the live television broadcast or webcast for the most accurate presentation.

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