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Auction for August 1, 2015
Showing Lots 901 - 924
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Lot: 901

Bloch 217 SCULPTEUR 1992 Vollard Suite Lithograph after Picasso

Lot: 902

NIGHT TRANQUILITY Original Serigraph on Board by Michael Rozenvain

Lot: 903

WATER LILIES 1980 Oil on Burlap by Listed Artist Manor Shadian

Lot: 904

PINNING THE HAT 1894 Orginal Dry Point Etching by Pierre Auguste Renoir

Lot: 905

PROMENADE WALK 1910 Original Heliogravure after Claude Monet

Lot: 906

PAMELA Pin Up Signed Oil on Canvas by listed artist Rusty Rust

Lot: 907

L EMBARCADERE 1992 Engraving with Aquatint by Listed Artist H.Claude Pissarro

Lot: 908

Original 2001 Drawing on First Day Stamp Envelope by Peter Max

Lot: 909

CHEZ LE PERE LATHUILLE Original Heliogravure after Edouard Manet

Lot: 911

MONKS WOOD LANDSCAPE Oil on Masonite by David Mead

Lot: 912

RIVER OF WONDER Original Pastel by Marcie Cohen

Lot: 913

SUNFLOWERS Watercolor on Paper after Vincent Van Gogh

Lot: 914

Hull Art Pottery Three Piece Lot Vase Creamer and Sugar

Lot: 915

TEMPLE RUINS Signed Watercolor on Paper

Lot: 916

MISS LALA AU CIRQUE 1922 Original Offset Lithograph after Degas

Lot: 917

Just The Two Of Us LE Giclee by Tadeo Zavaleta

Lot: 918

OLD PERSIAN WITH CANE Antique Engraving by Georg Schmidt after Rembrandt

Lot: 919

Vintage Hand Blown Diamond Yellow Art Glass Pitcher

Lot: 920

BABES IN THE WOODS 1930s Lithograph Poster

Lot: 921

RECLINING NUDE 1936 Offset Lithograph after Henri Matisse

Lot: 922

CLOWN ET FEMME NUE 1954 Verve Lithograph by Picasso

Lot: 923

SIR LOIN OF BEEF Bugs Drawing and Cel by Virgil Ross and Chuck Jones

Lot: 924

EVIL QUEEN Aquatint Engraving by Disney Artist David Pacheco
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