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Auctioneers: Shawn
Enjoy artwork from the richest & varied periods in art history ranging from established well listed artists to the masters of today!
Auction for December 11, 2016
Showing Lots 901 - 925
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Lot: 901

INVISIBLE FACE Limited Edition Giclee after Salvador Dali

Lot: 902

Antique Japanese Temple Painting on Silk

Lot: 903

DESSIN 1907 Engraving by Auguste Rodin

Lot: 904

THE ART OF LOVE PLATE I c1970 Hand Signed Lithograph by listed artist Fredruci Righi

Lot: 905

SAVETIER ET LE FINANCIER 2 c1969 Lithograph by listed artist Jacques Lagrange

Lot: 906

CREPUSCULO I Original Oil on Canvas by South American Aritst Valdivia

Lot: 907

STILL LIFE WITH CAT AND FISH Hand Signed Lithograph by Tony Curtis

Lot: 908

Original 1989 Yunnan School Gouache on Rice Paper by Listed Artist Zu Ming Ho

Lot: 909

PELICAN Antique 19th century Hand Colored Engraving by J. Pass Sc

Lot: 910

HER DECLARATION 1952 Pin Up Lithograph after Ward Brackett

Lot: 911

Pair of Antique Oil on Board Landscapes by Gordon Brantley

Lot: 912

LE CAFE CONCERT 1919 Limited Edition Lithograph by Degas

Lot: 913

NUDE 2 c1930 Serigraph by Listed Artist Aristide Maillol

Lot: 914

CARNET DE CALIFORNIE 1959 Lithograph by Pablo Picasso

Lot: 915

FELECIA IN PINK 1947 Color Etching by Louis Icart

Lot: 916

HAREM DANCER Pastel by Listed Artist Marcia Bouton

Lot: 917

BIBLIA SACRA 100 1969 Lithograph by Salvador Dali

Lot: 918

MOUNTAIN LANDSCAPE 1936 Oil on Canvas by Listed Artist Charles Duvall

Lot: 919

MARY Hand Signed Limited Edition Serigraph by Patricia Govezensky

Lot: 920

JAZZ Mixed Media Cut Out by Stefan Gomy Gommerman

Lot: 921

ALMA PACIFICA Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas by Jessica Palacios

Lot: 922

FIERCE BATTLE Antique Japanese Woodblock Print

Lot: 923

CARNIVAL OF ST PETERSBURG Limited Edition Lithograph by listed artist Mihail Chemiakin

Lot: 924

SUMMER HOLIDAY I Acrylic on Canvas by Janos Kardos

Lot: 925

ARAGON MALRAUX 1977 Hand Signed Exhibition Poster by listed artist Marc Chagall
* Please note: All information in this catalog is believed true and correct. However we cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions. Announcements from the block (the auctioneer) take precedence over any other announcement printed or otherwise. Although we try our best to ensure the accuracy of the images displayed on this catalog they should not be considered as official. Please watch the live television broadcast or webcast for the most accurate presentation.

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